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Take a band album photo instead of a group photo!

by | Aug 18, 2020 | 0 comments

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Band photo Florence Oregon Hiking

Make your next trip memorable! Upgrade your group photos to a band album photo! What do I mean by this? Here are some samples of album cover photos from a google search…

I wanted to figure out how to take good and fun photos of a group of two or more people. Band photos are the approach (or game) that I have adopted. When I was younger (or when “rocks were soft”) and record albums were a thing, the picture of the band on the album cover was always so fun to look at. 

There have been some folks that just couldn’t get the hang of taking their picture like an album cover and there are others who have gone ALL IN! I think a big difference with a band photo is that everyone is not huddled together, they are each taking a different pose, and having fun.

When I look back at our photos, band photos always make me smile and I remember that moment fondly. Here is what we’ve learned about taking a band photo…


One person holds the phone and everyone is positioned behind the person with the phone.

  • The problem with this approach is that person holding the phone is going to be the closest and everyone (or some) behind could be out of focus.
  • A selfie stick can improve this approach!


Prop the phone on “something” and set the timer for 10 seconds. This is my favorite method if it’s possible, but it can take longer to get everything right.

  • I try to find rocks or limbs or something on the ground to put behind the phone along with something small in front to keep the phone from slipping.
  • The prop or what the phone is laying on can possibly get in the way of the photo.
  • The phone many times must be placed on the ground requiring that the photo focus to be looking up. This approach has worked but many times it depends on the poses everyone takes as not all poses look good from this angle.
  • When propping the phone on something, it can’t always be level. After the picture is taken, you may have to level out the picture with an app and sometimes the tilt cannot be corrected without cutting someone out.
  • What is being used to hold the phone up in front can “sometimes” get in the focus of the camera making the people in the photo be out of focus.
  • Ideally, everyone is the same distance from the camera and spaced out evenly. Sometimes…
      • someone will be a little too far away from the camera and is not in focus
      • someone is not in the frame of the photo

Of course… the ideal is to have a selfie stick that has a built in stand instead of having to use something on the ground. I love mine but I need to remember to keep it with me!

Taking band photos may require the photo to be taken multiple times to get a good photo before the group gets tired of the game. Even with all these issues, band photos and taking them is the BEST and so much fun!

If you want to have some additional options, there are some great lenses that I attach to my phone (and works with ANY phone) that will help to get

  1. more of the background with a wide-angle lens – Moment 18mm Wide Lens 
  2. a fisheye wide-angle lens – Moment 14mm Fisheye Lens


Making band photos create very fond memories

Whenever I look back at my photos, all of these band photos make me smile! The time it took to make these photos have made long-lasting memories. I, also, use this approach with two people to make a more dynamic selfie.


Thank you to all my friends who are in these photos and have agreed to let me showcase our fun!


A couple of notes… you may be asking why we don’t have someone else take our picture? Hhhhmmm…

  1. Then it’s not a selfie (if that matters)
  2. Can you really get a stranger to work with you to take a couple of different poses?
  3. Most of the time there is no one else around
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