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It’s time to take Maggie to the East Coast, but we’re heading to West Point, NY first to see Lala start “Beast” at R-Day.

Travel Log

DateActivityLessons Learned
Monday, June 20, 2016

Marshfield, MO
We drove from Celina, TX to Marshfield, MO. We decided to take the northern route instead of going through Tennessee and West Virginia. We got very excited when we found out we were going through Pryor, OK (where they hold Rocklahoma) and were able to order 2 LARGE pizzas from Sam & Ellas Chicken Palace. Yum Yum!

We did have a few problems. (1) Chinese water torture: Regular to irregular beeping in the front console. We called Entegra on the road and found that we need to reset the shades and it's constantly telling us to do so about every 45 seconds. We really need to figure this out as it's constant. (2) The same check engine light came on AGAIN! We spoke with Cummins and they said we should be able to wait until later to get the problem fixed.
Tuesday, June 22, 2016

Grove City, PA
We drove a LONG way - 817 miles in one day! We had a great day but we had a number of challenges. (1) For the first time, I filled Maggie with gas at a truck stop on my own. Unfortunately I left the gas cap off when I drove away. I discovered this as I saw gas spewing out the side of the RV about 10 miles later. Sigh. Luckily the cap got caught behind the flap. Whew! (2) Indianapolis must have the worst roads on the planet. It seemed that there were pot holes a foot deep and a foot wide about every 50 feet. The sounds of crashing things in Maggie was kinda scary. (3) There is tons of construction happening in the midwest. Luckily we only took out about 3 cones and there were no workers in the fallout zone. (4) The scariest part of our day occurred when we finally decided to find a Walmart to spend the night at 10:30pm. The lateness wasn't the problem but the path that the GPS took us was! We were very suspicious when we started down a very small road and then found ourselves facing a one lane bridge that only supported 14 tons and required that we access it via a sharp right turn. As we stood outside Maggie in the dark with the only light supplied by Maggie trying to figure out how to turn around a 43' RV on a one lane road, we saw very slow moving flashing yellow lights approaching us. As it got closer, we heard the sound of a horse pulling a wagon. The very nice Amish fellow (whom we named Jack) told us that the problem we were in had happened before to others. Sigh. They probably were more able to turnaround than us. After we unhooked Joe, the Jeep, from behind Maggie, we were able to turn her around in someone's driveway. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Did I mention that the whole time with Jack reminded me of every slasher movie I've ever seen and I expected him to whip out his knives and guns at any moment.(1) We need to get a tether for the gas cap (2) If you want to travel late, use rest areas on the highway to spend the night
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Campbell Freightliner, Montgomery, NY
We were so excited to start the day as we knew we were going to make it all the way to West Point. I had just found (and paid for) a place to stay near West Point for the night besides a Walmart when we got a new light on the driver's console! **Regeneration Needed** What the heck is that? After calling Entegra and Cummins, we found that the earlier check engine light problem was now manifesting itself into new problems. Whoohoo! They told us that we could "auto regenerate" by driving Maggie hard "just like we had stole it". OK! That was fun 🙂 I floored Maggie going up hills a couple of times and we were able to get rid of the message but it kept coming back 🙁 We finally admitted defeat and we drove to Campbell Freightliner in Montgomery, NY to hopefully get our problems fixed quickly. Hahahahaha. Guess where we got to spend the night? Maggie looks great among the graveyard of broken trucks and buses. One bus is even from West Point. How ironic.
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Campbell Freightliner, Montgomery, NY
We spent the day in a diner, hanging about and walking at the Montgomery Riverfront Park. Maggie had her guts pulled out and tested. The source of the check engine light still has not been found. We spent another night in the broken truck graveyard. We hope that tomorrow they can find the problem as we have now filled the black tank to 86%. Oops! We could be in trouble 🙂
Friday, June 24, 2016

Campbell Freightliner, Montgomery, NY
Another day and Maggie is still at the repair shop... but they believe that they may now know what is wrong with her. I think they said a pump? Of course they won't be finished with the repair until mid-day Saturday. Ggggrrrr... Went to West Point today while Maggie was being worked on. Got visitor badges and checked out the campsite that Maggie was supposed to be in. Luckily the campground manager felt sorry for us and gave us a refund for the night. We had to move into a hotel this night so that they could have Maggie ready to be worked on the next day.
Saturday, June 25, 2016

Round Pond Recreation Area - West Point, NY
Finally got Maggie out of the shop! She seems to run just great (so far). We were kinda surprised and disappointed that Maggie's fuel level had gone from 1/4 to 1/16 and the DEF (a diesel fluid thing) level was almost empty as well. Whew! We needed to get liquids quickly. The local truck stop had very narrow lanes, but we were able to squeeze Maggie in with no more than a foot clearance on each side.
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Round Pond Recreation Area - West Point, NY
First day to really start rearranging where everything is inside of Maggie. My solution to get started? Stickie notes! Put stickie notes with what I think needs to into each drawer and cabinet. I hope this will work 🙂
Monday, June 27, 2016

Round Pond Recreation Area - West Point, NY
R-DAY! Wow... What an emotional day to see a new cadet go into West Point.