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Summer solstice under Alaska’s midnight sun

by | Jun 22, 2019 | 0 comments

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Alaska solstice Dave and Denise selfies

The longest day of the year! …and while in Alaska we could have almost 24 hours of daylight! We really needed to celebrate the summer solstice! After a bit of research, we decided to

  • wear flowers in our hair
  • focus on camaraderie
  • listen to Celtic music
  • burn incense

We danced, ate hot dogs, and played a game called cornhole. We had quite a few folks stare at us but that made it all the more fun!

As the night got cooler, we used our pop-up shelter which provides some warmth and safety from the bugs. It was a great place to hang out until we were too tired to stay up any longer.

This wasn’t an official ritual or close to a Stonehenge event but what a GREAT time and an awesome opportunity to reflect on nature and friends (new and old)! I highly recommend to take unique designated days and celebrate them to the max and not care what others think 🙂

The original article was on Google Maps Local Guides Connect.

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