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A lake with icebergs! …in Valdez, Alaska

by | Jun 6, 2019 | 0 comments

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Alaska Kayaking around snow covered mountains on Glacier Lake

We really love kayaking and I can’t believe there’s a lake in Valdez, Alaska with icebergs! We didn’t want to get close to the glacier in the kayaks as we were seeing some of the ice of the glacier calving in various spots. The ice falling off the glacier can actually be really LARGE! Sadly we learned that two weeks after we kayaked this lake that two couples had died near the glacier when it calved.

When we first went to the lake to see it before kayaking, we thought the lake was small. We learned once we were on the lake with the kayaks that it was an optical illusion. We kayaked for over an hour and we were still not at the other side of the lake. We were stunned!

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What was it like on the lake?

This experience was just amazing and I would count it among some of the most wonderful things we did when we were in Alaska. This is really a must-do activity when in Valdez, Alaska.

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